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NPS for Senso Research Oy is 89.

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The best results through thought-out principles

We guarantee the quality and beneficiality of our research through three principles:


Proper PLANNING defines how useful the results are


  • We know which method is best (and most cost-efficient) to different needs.
  • You don’t get what you measure, you get what you ask – strong focus on questionnaire planning.
  • Every survey should reflect company strategy.
  • Also fieldwork should be done in a way which takes company interests into account (visually, special care to most important customers etc.)

Managing the PROCESS so that our customers can be carefree.

  • We do all the “paperwork” and prepare meetings, you save time.
  • We communicate proactively during the projects, you always know what’s going on without asking.
  • Your needs often change, we are agile to react to changes.
  • We never miss a deadline.

And the RESULTS are what truly makes the difference

  • We know our stats but care more about the business – how the results will/should affect your business (conclusions and suggestions are always included).
  • Reports are customized to your needs: focus on the relevant results, different reports to different groups.
  • We put an effort on making the reports visually clear so that results are easy and quick to understand.
  • Nobody falls asleep during our presentations.

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