Productive information

In Senso Audit projects we analyse the information needs and sources of your business. An updated research architecture provides current insights and ways of working, mixing both old and tested and new methods, tools and metrics.

A thought-out research architecture guarantees that the investments in research are profitable.

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Guaranteed operability

With audits we guarantee that your company receives useful information in the future.


Your business will receive relevant information about the right issues. Top management has different information needs than the operative and development processes are supported by different information than everyday leadership. Information gaps will be filled, unnecessary research and sources will be cut.


Information is easy to understand and use. Information is in an easily digestable form and there is a plan in place to utilise the results and act on them.


Information is available to you at the right time. Immediate reactions to given feedback protects against bad customer experiences. Large researches should be scheduled before big decisions.


Infomation is cost-efficient. Smart planning prevents unnecessary or too detailed researches and your business saves time when the information is already processed, analýsed and presented in a clear manner.

Auditing in practice

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